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SUCH AS - General Measurements, Inc. :

- Aircraft Fuel Test Stands - Upgrade, New Sales & Services.

- Aircraft AC and DC Generators, IDGs, VSCFs and Starter Generators - Sales & Services.

- Universal Automatic Test Equipment for Boeing or Airbus Commercial Carriers - Sales & Services.

- Hydraulic Test Stands, Test Equipment and Pneumatic Test Stands, DAS System - Upgrade, New Sales & Services.

- Aircraft APU Test Stand, Engine Test Stands, Engine Testcell Systems, New Sales & Services.

VISIT >>> http://www.genmea.com/

- Long Term or Annual On-site Technical Contract Services Provider for Aircraft Jet Engine Testcell System; Turbo Shaft Engine Testcell System and it's DAS Systems.

- Sales and NIST Traceable Calibration Services for most type of Transducers, Sensors using in Aerospace or Automotive Industries.

Computer Aided Testing Systems

Military vehicle on board maneuver and performance Computer Aided Testing System for field real time data acquisition and storage System also has the post analysis, data replay and simulation capability for in laboratory tests.

GMI is an Engineering Service Provider to Aircraft GSE & System Integrator of Aerospace & Automotive Test Systems

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